Welcome to the Osmium Download Centre!


The download centre of the international Osmium-Institutes provides you with license-free films, footage, photos and press material about Osmium.

← Here you will find the chronological list of all press releases available for publications.

Material for partners is available in the tabs pics, footage, press and marketing. It is password protected so if you wish to access, please ask for the respective passwords at the Osmium-Institute.

You have unlimited access to the "subject areas" which can be used for free. The material listed here refers to topics such as history, institutes, market...

Content in the editors' baskets is temporarily compiled and activated for individual journalists, bloggers, publications or media. Should you require specialized content for your publication, please contact us via the data in the imprint.

Further and general information on osmium can be found on the website www.osmium.info.



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